Ergonomic Resources

We recommend you print one or two of these documents to post at your workstation in a visible location to remind yourself of healthy postures!

  • Computer Workstation Setup Recommendations: Use this to review or setup up your computer workstation. This document will guide you through all the ergonomic components at your desk or station.
  • Simple Desk Stretches: These simple desk stretches can be performed at your office location. Please contact EHS for direction on these stretches prior to performing them.  Always follow medical recommendations from your physician or doctor.
  • Workstation Self-Assessment Guide: This is a guidance document to be used to review your workstation. If you complete this document and send it to, we will setup an appointment to review your workstation for recommended changes.

Want to learn more? Below are videos from a videos series created by graduate students from the Department of Kinesiology on best practices for remote learning and working during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

HSU Ergonomics: Foam Roller Stretch

HSU Ergonomics: Be Careful

HSU Ergonomics: Wrist Stretches

HSU Ergonomics: Stretches for better desk posture