Ergonomics can be affected by our workstation setup or the equipment used, but a major component to safe and healthy practices at workstation is our ownership of postures and positioning.

We recommend you print one or two of these documents to post at your workstation in a visible location to remind yourself of healthy postures!

Computer Workstation Assessment Process

  • Employee informs their supervisor of the request for a workstation evaluation.
  • Employee, Supervisor or department ASC contacts Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) in the Risk Management & Safety Services department for a workstation evaluation.
  • Supervisor or employee should notify the financially responsible party in their department of the potential costs associated with the ergonomic evaluations. (EHS does not have a centralized budget, the costs are responsible at the departmental level.)
  • Employee completes required training (see below)
  • EHS will initiate the evaluation process which can include: assessments, phone and in-person evaluations, and training.
  • The evaluation concludes with certain recommendations, which the department should implement. EHS may also provide information for obtaining the appropriate equipment (vendors, pricing, etc.). The department does have the option to purchase their own equipment as long as they meet the appropriate recommendations.

Requesting an Ergonomic Assessment

Before scheduling an ergonomic evaluation, personnel must complete the “CSU-Computer Workstation Ergonomics” training through Skillport. After completing the training follow the next steps:

  1. Log into Skillport using you HSU user name and password.
  2. Browse the Catalog, follow the link “CSU Environmental Health & Safety” or go to the Search bar and search for “CSU-Computer Workstation Ergonomics.”
  3. Launch the training, participate and inform your supervisor and EH&S when you have completed the training.
  4. EH&S will contact you for scheduling of the in-person evaluation as needed after any self-corrections are made.
  5. Certain equipment will require maintenance personnel for installation, you should contact your departments maintenance group for assistance. You may also contact EHS for additional questions or information.