What’s New in Risk?

Risk Management and Safety Services is proud to announce the launch of HSU’s First Annual Safety Week, which will be held from October 16th-October 20th. During the week, courses will be offered at various times and locations, which will focus on different topics relating to Safety, Health, and Emergency Preparedness and are open to all HSU Students, Staff, and Faculty. To view the course schedule and register for classes, please visit the Training and Professional Development website: https://training.humboldt.edu/calendar-node-field-training-date/month/2017-10

Hope to see you there!

If you are thinking about buying a new piece of equipment or have been offered a donation (or if a grant you are applying for includes the procurement of equipment), please ensure that you obtain the internal department approval and make the appropriate external notifications to ensure that the space that it will be placed are suitable for the facility and manner in which it will be used.