Chemical Inventory

Purchasers and users of chemicals must track them in Cal Poly Humboldt's hazardous materials inventory system called UNHCems. This inventory system helps Humboldt comply with OSHA's Haz Com regulation by not only providing one centralized platform for all hazarous materials on campus but it is a repository for the storing and accessing of Safety Data Sheets or SDS'. Click here for more information on what UNHCems is and here, for a tutorial on how to use it.    

It is critical that chemicals be entered in the database in a timely manner. If audits result in the discovery of chemicals present in a workplace that have not been included in the inventory, enforcement actions may occur, which could result in further restrictions of chemicals purchased via procard, removing chemicals from use and more. 

The following guidelines should be followed: 

  • barcode all chemical containers, except for consumable reagents

     A consumable reagent is one that will be used up completely in a lab or workplace within 30 days. 

  • do not barcode biologicals (use the biologicals module instead)
  • do not barcode cleaning supplies(for large volumes or supplies which have significant hazards, contact EH&S for guidance)
  • barcode reusable containers once
  • barcode areas (walls, shelf) where there is static non fluctuating inventory (such as gas cylinders)