Safety Newsletters

These Newsletters will occur on a monthly basis and provide information to all Humboldt State personnel. The topic will be general to the majority of the campus population, but some areas covered will be more specific and high hazard. 
If you wish to request a topic for an upcoming Safety Newsletter, please email us at

Ladder safety is important at work and home. Falls are always a leading category in workplace fatality and serious injury. Check out the resources and make sure you are using safe ladders prior to use.

Distracted Driving has been increasing over the recent years due to handheld device use, but did you know that pedestrian fatalities have increased due to distracted walking? Check out the Newsletter for more information and how you can prevent these incidents!

We take electricity for granted on a daily basis. This packet has been developed by Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)  to address workplace safety and electrical safety at home. The packet includes information on these topics: National Electrical Code: Understanding the Code that Keeps us Safe, Electrical Shock Drowning - Water and Electricity Don't Mix, Certifying Safety - National Recognized Testing Laboratories, Workplace Injury Information 2003-2016, and Overhead Power Line Safety.