Emergency Resources for Visitors

Welcome to the Cal Poly Humboldt campus! Whether you’re here for a campus tour, a concert or lecture, conference, sporting event, a camp or just looking at the redwoods, we want you to enjoy your visit.

In general, please call 911 if you experience an emergency situation or you see something that requires help from campus safety responders. We’ve listed some resources for you below, depending on your reason for visiting campus:

Sporting Events

For emergency situations if you are at one of our sporting venues, such as Redwood Bowl or Lumberjack Arena, please call 91. The venues have emergency response staff on-site during the event and you can interact with event staff to get help.

If you lose something, additional information can be found here.

Concerts/Lectures/Social Events

Please call 911 for any emergencies and follow venue rules, as detailed in your ticketing information or invitation.


Cal Poly Humboldt Conference & Event Services has robust guest relations support and will make sure you have important safety information specific to your conference or camp.

You can get information on how to contact their support staff here.

General Visit

Cal Poly Humboldt loves to help campus visitors find their way around and inform you how to access resources on campus during your visit. Find more information here.

Emergency Procedures

  • Earthquake
    • Drop, Cover, and Hold On until the shaking stops. Then head to nearest Rally Point, Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP), or other safe location out of the way of first responders.
  • Fire Alarm
    • Evacuate. Whether or not there is smoke and/or fire. Then head to nearest Rally Point, Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP), or other safe location out of the way of first responders.
  • Gunshots/Criminal Activity
    • Call University Police at 911 or 826-5023. If at all possible, GET OUT and get away. Don't linger at Rally Point or EAP.
    • If you can't get out, lock/barricade the door and HIDE OUT quietly. If trapped by a shooter entering your hiding place, work as a team to TAKE OUT the intruder by force.
  • Campus Emergency Alert System
    • Go to these sources of information when you hear bells or see emergency signage:
    • 707-826-INFO (4636) – Recorded campus conditions line.
  • Emergency Signage
    • Color coded signs will be put out with campus status:
      • Red Campus (or area) CLOSED to all but essential/emergency personnel.
      • Yellow Campus classes & activities CANCELLED by President, but campus is open.
      • Green Campus OPEN and situation back to normal (posted only after Red or Yellow).
      • Orange Safety ADVISORY to community (e.g., tsunami warning, wildfire risk, etc.).

Campus Map with Rally Points and Evacuation Assembly Points (EAP)