Food Safety

Permitting Process

If you are having an on campus event which will be serving food, you may not be required to complete a permit application or food safety training, so long as your event can follow the guidlines provided. You should contact Conference and Event Services (CES) at prior to planning your event to work out the details. If your event requires a permit, you should submit your request for High-Risk Food options no less than 4 weeks in advance to allow time for the following additional steps. You will need to work directly with EH&S for review and approval of your High-Risk Food permit. You will need to take food safety training and apply for a permit for any level of food preparation on campus or if food is distributed to the public (not a closed event) and considered High-Risk. If you have questions about High-Risk foods, email the Food Safety Officer


To ensure health and wellbeing to our personnel and community members we require all food handlers, who wish to prepare food or to distribute food products(commercially prepared, non-temp controlled foods are exempt) to the public to participate in the appropriate level training. Humboldt personnel are required to take the Canvas Course linked below. External groups or personnel (i.e. non-Humboldt groups or vendors) are required to have completed a nationally recognized training, ServSafe is appropriate and linked below.

Commercial Kitchens in the Area

Here is a list of commercial kitchens in the area the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Office has researched for use when needed at Humboldt activities. The commercial kitchen use is for preparing food and cooking for public consumption.