Nature Area Entrance Permit (NAEP)

Nature Area Entrance Permit (NAEP) Form

Natural Area Entry Permit FAQs

1. When is an NAEP needed?
An NAEP is needed when physical research will be conducted on any City property
deemed as a natural area.

2. What if the research is purely observational?
If the research does not involve any type of interaction with the environment besides
observation, an NAEP is not necessary. However, if the research requires access to areas
that need gate keys or any other special entry, an NAEP might be needed.

3. What locations would require an NAEP?
Any area owned by the City of Arcata and deemed as a natural area would require an
NAEP. Common research areas include the Arcata Community Forest, Arcata Marsh &
Wildlife Sanctuary, Jacoby Creek and some of the Bayside fields. For any questions
regarding areas covered by the City, email

4. How specific should I be on my application?
Along with your research proposal, you should be as exact about the areas you are
considering for research as possible. You may use GPS coordinates, specific trail
names/numbers, and any well known landmarks to reference your research area.

5. How long does it take to have an NAEP approved?
Your NAEP must be approved by risk management first before it is sent off to the City
for final approval (risk will send your application directly to the City after initial
approval). Turn around time can range between 3 days to 2 weeks depending on how
impacted the City is. To be on the safe side, submission 2 weeks in advance is

6. Where do I submit my application?
Submit all NAEP’s to for initial approval.

7. Further questions regarding NAEP?
Contact for any more questions or clarifications.