Hazardous Materials Safety Training

Safety Training

Safety training at Humboldt is offered by the EH&S Coordinator and the Environmental Health and Safety Office. Humboldt is a member of the Northern California Safety Consortium and various training sessions are also offered through their organization.

The regularly offered training by the EH&S Coordinator includes "Chemical Safety for Laboratory Workers". State and Federal Regulations require all employees who may be exposed to chemicals receive training. The training session includes information regarding the Hazardous Communication and Laboratory Standards, toxicology, material safety data sheets, chemical labeling, laboratory safety, emergency response to spills and other exposures and hazardous waste management.

This training is offered at various times during each semester. Extra sessions will be offered upon request. Other types of training are also available upon request.

The next "Chemical Safety for Laboratory Workers" training sessions will be offered at the beginning of the Fall semester. The mandatory lab safety training sessions are for student assistants, teaching assistants and graduate students who are working with chemicals. (YOU MUST SIGN UP TO ATTEND.) Other interested staff and faculty are also welcome to attend. The sessions are identical, several sessions are offered for differences in employee schedules. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS ANNUAL TRAINING, IF YOU ATTENDED THE TRAINING LAST SEMESTER YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO ATTEND THIS SESSION. Sign up sheets are now posted in all stockrooms. The schedule is as TBD.


Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Section 5193 of Title 8 in the California Code of Regulations requires all employees with the potential for exposure to blood or other potentially infectious material must complete training which covers all elements of the standard including, but not limited to: information on bloodborne pathogens and diseases, methods used to control occupational exposure, hepatitis B vaccine, and medical evaluation and post-exposure follow-up procedures. If you have been identified as having potential for exposure, you must attend this training annually. If you have are uncertain if this applies to your job classification or other campus activity(some students may need this training ) contact Sabrina Zink at x3302.


"First Responder Awareness and Operations Refresher" Training

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is offering emergency response training and certification for First Responder Awareness/Operations Refresher (FRA/FRO). Employees who work in the vicinity of, or with hazardous materials are required to attend emergency response training. The Awareness level training is for anyone who may discover a hazardous materials spill (almost everyone in the CNRS). The Operations level training is for anyone who may elect to respond in a defensive fashion to a hazardous materials spill. The training being offered is refresher training for those who have had the initial two and four hour Awareness or Operations level training anytime in the past.

At this time, only refresher training is being offered. If you have not attended any emergency response training, contact Sabrina Zink at 826-3302 to arrange a full training session at a date and time that is convenient for those wishing to attend.

This training is also offered periodically through the Northern California Safety Consortium. Call them at 839-7311 or contact Humboldt EH&S for more information about their upcoming training.

Web based training is also available through the Training Development Website